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Abu Dhabi Airshow 26, 27, 28 FEBRUARY 2018, AL BATEEN EXECUTIVE AIRPORT

The Abu Dhabi Airshow takes place once every two years at Al Bateen Executive Airport (OMAD/AZI), this year Feb 26-28, 2018, as a leading global hub of aviation and aerospace. If you are planning to attend the airshow, the following will help you:

Al Bateen Airport OMAD is the Abu Dhabi Airshow venue and preferred general aviation (GA) airport for parking. OMAD is a 24-hour airport of entry (AOE) with fixed base operators (FBOs), full GA support services, fuel and credit. Prior permission required (PPR) is not needed at this location and airport slots are not currently required. However, temporary slots might be put in place closer to the event. Customs, immigration and quarantine (CIQ) is cleared within the FBO and normally takes under 15 minutes.

Please note that there will be runway closures because of the airshow to be mindful of from time to time, as notified by NOTAM.

OMAA is the alternate airport for OMAD. OMAA the primary commercial airport for Abu Dhabi, is also a 24-hour AOE available to GA. This location has FBOs, full GA support services and credit. However, be mindful that there’s much more congestion at OMAA due to scheduled commercial operations. This location has no PPR or airport slot requirements.

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