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Hamid Karazi Kabul International Airport

Hamid Karzai International Airport (IATA: KBL, ICAO: OAKB) is located 16 kilometers (9.9 mi) from the city center of Kabul in Afghanistan. It serves as one of Afghanistan main international airports capable of housing over one hundred aircraft. Previously known as the Kabul International Airport, it was renamed in October 2014 after former Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

Airport Specifications

Updated Kabul Airport specifications can be find on the following link ttps://

Kabul Landing Permission, PPR:

Landing permission from Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority ACAA is required for all flights when the aircraft landing and coming to KBL civil commercial aprons, allow 72 hours min notice for your application. Any change of schedule or flight details, ACAA should be notified. The permit application must include the receiving party name and local contact details in Afghanistan, Lead Pax name and purpose of visit. Medevac flight application must include patient passport copy and medical report. If the operation is intended to the military aprons, military PPR, NAG mil call sign must be obtained from ISAF airbase ops.

Crew GENDEC and Visa

All crew can enter for 72 hours on GENDEC on condition that they carry their passports and airline IDs, their names are on a stamped GenDec, and coming with the airlines uniform.

Visa on arrival is not possible in Afghanistan. All passengers should obtain visa from the concerned Consulate or Embassy in their countries, if they intend to leave the airport.

Overnight & Airport Security

Parking overnight is not allowed by the Civil Aviation Authorities unless your PPR / Landing permission allow you to park and overnight. Airport security is controlled by the military ISAF forces, therefore private guards are not allowed. Security is very high at KBL Airport. Incidents can occur of course so always stay alert.

Ground Handling, Fueling, Catering

Handling Services can be provided for any aircraft type from small business jets to AN-124 and big freighters. Fuel is always available at Civil side, in case the aircraft is coming to the military side special arrangement should be in place to refuel at military apron, otherwise the aircraft has to taxi to civil apron for fueling, in this case the airport landing, atc fees and tech stop handling charge would be applicable. Catering is also available at KBL civil side. At the mil ISAF side no catering services is available. Kindly note that; no one is allowed to cross from civil side to the ISAF military apron.

Hotels in Kabul

No hotels inside Kabul Airport, however there are several good hotels in town:

THE SERENA HOTEL - The only 5 Star Hotel in Kabul with great restaurants. It's up to European Standards and very popular. It's literally a fortress and well protected. Located on Froshgah Street. Prices and more can be found on the website:

SAFI LANDMARK HOTEL - Great location, nice rooms and good internet. A shopping mall is attached to the building and the restaurants offer shisha and nice snacks. It's less of a struggle to get in but also well protected by security guards. You can make your bookings here:

GOLDEN STAR HOTEL - Nice little 4 star hotel in the heart of the new downtown area surrounded by good restaurants. It features a gym, high-speed internet and a restaurant. Make your booking here:

Sonic Jet Afghanistan with our representatives at KBL Airport can arrange all your flight & travel requirements from A-Z and guarantee you a safe trip to Kabul.

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