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Turkmenbashi International. Airport - UTAK - KRW Turkmenistan

Turkmenbashi Airport is 5Km from Turkmenbashi city, the Terminal was rebuilt in 2010, It accepts both passenger and cargo flights in addition to VIP terminal.

Airport facilities

Passenger Terminal: The passenger terminal is build in 2010, consist of four levels,

First floor : waiting lounge, passenger and baggage registration, halls of domestic & international flights. Second floor : Arrival zone . Third floor : departure zone. Coffee shops, buffets are available. CIP lounge and halls for business class passengers are ready to serve the passengers on high level.

VIP Terminal: in the immediate vicinity of the main body of the terminal there is a facility to receive VIPs. It is used for Executive charter and business aviation, as well as to receive delegations of the Government of Turkmenistan and guests of city of Türkmenbaşy. The building has all the facilities for meetings and conferences.

Cargo Terminal: In addition to the main terminal there is also an international cargo terminal and a freight transportation service equipped with automated handling.

Until 2011, the airfield had the main runway 16/34. The airfield was capable of receiving aircraft of most types, including An-225, An-124 and Il-76 (with partial load), An-22, Tu-154, Boeing-757 and all lighter ones, as well as helicopters of all types. In 2011, the construction of a new runway 16R/34L was completed, its classification number (PCN) is 70/R/A/X/T, dimensions are 3500 × 45 m (cement concrete). The the new runway allows the airport to receive aircraft of all types.

Airport specifications :

IATA code −KRW


Coordinates −40°03’47” N 53°00’25” E

Status: international, point of entry.

Runway exceeding above the sea level 85 meters.

Local time: UTC +5

Runways: Two parallel runways with 190 m distance between axis.

№ 1 RWY 34R/16L 2500x45m surface concrete slabs PCN26R/A/X/T

№ 2 RWY 34R/16L 3500x4m surface monolith concrete. PCN 70R/A/X/T

More info. please check :

Apron, Parking facility:

number of gates : 6.

Parking spots for cargo flights:

For aircrafts of type IL-76 : 3

For aircrafts of type An-124 : 1

Refueling facility :

Turkmenbashi airport has modern fuel-refueling complex of 8000 cubic meters of storage facility for TS1 fuel, Centralized refueling of aircrafts by productivity 100 м3, Capacities for storage and heating of an anti-icing liquid and additives to fuel, Car refueling station for refueling special cars, the fuel trucks are available to uplift fuel to the aircraft 2500 liters per minute.

Sonic Jet is contracted with Turkmenbashi Airport and other Airports in Turkmenistan to arrange all required services including ground handling, refueling, hotel accommodation and catering on credit basis. for more information please login to . You may also contact our 24/7 OCC for more details and fuel, handling quotes : / Tel. +97165571898.

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