Trip Planning

Computerized Flight Plans

We operate a 24/7 operational control center manned with fully qualified multilingual dispatchers with international flight planning experience to assist you with your needs. Our dispatch team is able to offer computerized operational flight plans with complete weather folder. In addition, they coordinate and file flight plan on request.


At the airports, where remote filing is not permitted or communication networks are not available, Sonic Jet staff, on short notice, can file your ATC flight plan locally at the briefing office. The services that we can provide undoubtedly eliminate inconvenience distress and the crew risk exposure at the challenging destinations.

Weather Briefings & NOTAMs

Sonic jet has the expertise and facilities that enable us to prepare the weather folder complete with the en-route weather such as the significant weather charts, winds/temperature Aloft forecast and TAF, METAR for both departure/destination Airports, through their respective MET offices.

Trip Planning

Avail from our expertise in planning long haul flights. Sonic Jet will provide a flight plan for each leg and suggest optimum route, based on aircraft performance, updated NOTAMs, operation limitations, geopolitical situations, ground services availability, weather, logistics and other pertinent factors.

Trip Cost Estimation Report

Sonic Jet has developed an in-house system to provide estimation trip cost report including all related services per sector. The report provides breakdown of all items, taking into account variables such as average fueling cost on flight date, handling charges and other operating cost. In addition to the fixed costs such as en-route air navigation fees, Airport fees. The information provided includes latest updated charges from the concerned suppliers, airports and Civil Aviation Authorities.


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