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Djibouti Airport JIB - HDAM / General Aviation / Business Aviation Operation

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Djibouti Ambouli Airport IATA : JIB, ICAO : HDAM, is a joint civilian/military-use airport. The airport is located approximately 6 kilometers (4 miles) from the city center. The airport location is very important.

1. Visa requirements

CREW: Crew members holding the crew member licenses or certificates listed in the General Declaration can enter Djibouti and stay in the country for 72 hours.

PAX: Any person wishing to travel to Djibouti must obtain an eVisa from the following website: ( before the trip if the purpose of the trip is tourism, business, or transit. It is advisable to apply at least one week before your trip and take into account the weekend days (Friday and Saturday). The eVisa is only valid for one entry and its validity period begins on the date you specified in your application. You may enter Djibouti on any date within this validity period. Please note that the duration of validity is different from the duration of the stay. The length of your stay cannot exceed that mentioned on your eVisa. To apply for eVisa you need a passport valid for at least 6 months, a flight reservation, an accommodation address (Hotel or at your host's), an invitation letter (organization or host with their contacts), and a credit card. eVisa or Visa on arrival is possible for certain nationalities, most USA , European, African, Asian nationals can get a visa on arrival.

2. Landing permit requirements

All flights including PRIVATE/CORPORATE and NON-SCHEDULED, COMMERCIAL / CHARTER flights require overflight or landing permits. The application for flight operation shall be submitted to DCAA no later than 3 (three) working days before the operation. Operator AOC, Aircraft docs, Crew Passport copies are required. Obtaining landing permission could be quite difficult, we advise you to use a professional local agent.

3. Any restrictions for GENERAL AVIATION/BUSINESS AVIATION operations? Is there any curfew at the airport? No restrictions. only landing permission must be obtained from DCAA. No COVID-19 restrictions.

4. Operational Hours:

- Aerodrome, CIQ, and Handling operational hours; 24/ 7 Operational - Fuel truck availability 24/ 7 Operational - Aerodrome Fire Fighting Category; 24/ 7 Operational - Essential local AD and flight/traffic regulations for GA/BA flights in brief; 24/ 7 Operational - Noise restrictions and Noise abatement procedures in brief; No restriction on Noise 5. CIQ

customs and immigration procedures for passengers and the crew for arrival and departure Djibouti Airport is a small airport and CIQ procedure goes as standard smooth and quick.

6. Aircraft Parking

What is the parking position for GA/BA aircraft and any parking restrictions ?

As Assigned by the ATC Control , no special parking spots

- opportunity to park a/c using Power In/Power Out (Roll-In/Roll-Out) is possible and subject to Tower approval and availability upon crew request. Towing/push-back is not mandatory it is subject to ATC and Tower instructions and availability

7. Meeting Point

Djibouti Airport has relatively a small Terminal, The meeting point for GA/BA will be the entrance of Djibouti Airport Terminal. Sonic Jet supervisors will be waiting for Crew and Pax to greet and assist. The crew and passengers will use the same terminal. Aircraft Hangar is not Available

- What is the contact on arrival if available? Mob. : +253 77 68 53 23 ,

9. Catering options.

The lead time for a catering order is 24 hours before departure. Catering Can be arranged from Djibouti Airport official caterer or other 5 stars hotel. Catering Storage is not recommended, cooling facility might not available, weather is hot and humid most time of the year. Also caterer may not allow storing of brought catering.

Fresh VIP and high standard catering can be arranged from JIB Airport caterer or Djibouti Palace Kempinski (5 stars hotel).

10. Flight Slot

Arrival/departure slot is not required for GA/BA flights, only landing permission is needed from DCAA. Any change in flight schedule, DCAA must be notified.

11. Hotels Options

variety of hotels options are available at Djibouti we highly recommend 4-5 stars hotels such as : Djibouti Palace Kempinski, Sheraton Djibouti, Acacia hotel another others. Sonic Jet can offer discounted rooms rate at best options.

12. Jet Fuel & Avgas

Jet fuel is available 24/7 at Djibouti Airport, Sonic Jet has direct arrangement with the IPAs at JIB with best fuel rates. AVGAS is currently not available at JIB airport.

For more information you can check our website page :

please fee free to send email to : or call our station manager +253 77 68 53 23 or SHJ OCC +971 6 557 1898


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