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Kabul Hamid Karazi Airport / General Aviation Operation

Kabul, Hamid Karazi International Airport Airport IATA : KBL, ICAO : OAKB, The airport is located approximately 7 kilometers (5 miles) from the city center. Kabul Airport is open SR-SS for MIL and Civilian flights.

1. Visa requirements

Crew and Pax must have prior obtained visa from the conacred embassy, on arrival visa is not available.

2. Landing permit requirements

All flights including PRIVATE/CORPORATE and NON-SCHEDULED, COMMERCIAL / CHARTER flights require overflight or landing permits. The application for flight operation shall be submitted to ACAA no later than 3 (three) working days before the operation. Permit application form, Operator AOC, Aircraft docs are required. Obtaining the overflight and landing permission could be quite difficult, we advise you to use a professional local agent.

3. Any restrictions for GENERAL AVIATION/BUSINESS AVIATION operations No restrictions.

overnight is not allewed. Only landing permission must be obtained from ACAA. Currently No COVID-19 restrictions.

4. Operational Hours:

- Airport AIS office and Handling operational hours; Day time only 0230 - 1730 UTC

- Aerodrome Administration 0330 - 0830 UTC - Fuel truck availability 24/7 Operational

- CIQ Customs and Immigration: 0330 - 0830 UTC - Noise restrictions and Noise abatement procedures in brief; No restriction on Noise

5. Aircraft Parking

What is the parking position for GA/BA aircraft and any parking restrictions ?

Parking at civil commercial side, Overnight is not allowed at KBL Airport

- opportunity to park a/c using Power In/Power Out (Roll-In/Roll-Out) is possible and subject to Tower approval and availability upon crew request. Towing/push-back is not mandatory it is subject to ATC and Tower instructions and availability

6. Meeting Point

Kabul Airport meeting point for GA/BA will be the entrance of Kabul Airport Terminal. Sonic Jet supervisors will be waiting for Crew and Pax to greet and assist. The crew and passengers will use the same terminal. Aircraft Hangar is not Available

- What is the contact of Sonic Jet Afghanistan on arrival if available? Mob. : +93 79 626 6091 ,

9. Catering options.

The lead time for a catering order is 24 hours before departure. Catering Can be arranged from Kabul Airport official caterer or other 5 stars hotel. Catering Storage is not available, cooling facility might not available,

7. Sonic Jet Afghanistan

Sonic Jet Afghanistan is a registered local company in Kabul and has it office and representative in Kabul in addition to our supervisors at KBL airport. Sonic Jet Afghanistan is A-Z flight support service provider in most Afghanistan Airports.

8. Flight Slot

Arrival/departure slot is not required for GA/BA flights, only landing permission is needed from ACAA. Any change in flight schedule, ACAA must be notified.

9. Hotels Options

variety of hotels options are available at Djibouti we highly recommend 4-5 stars hotels such as : Kabul Serena Hotel and other hotels. Sonic Jet can offer discounted rooms rate at best options.

10. Jet Fuel & Avgas

Type of Fuel available is TC-1 is available 24/7 at Kabul Airport, Sonic Jet has direct arrangement with the IPAs at KBL with best fuel rates and credit basis payment facility. AVGAS is currently not available at KBL airport.

For more information you can check our website page :

please fee free to send email to : or call our station manager +93 79 626 6091 or Central OCC +971 6 557 1898 /

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