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Flight Ops in the Philippines, Points to be Considered,

Overflight and Landing Permissions are needed

All Operations require prior permission, submitted mostly through local agent to the Air Transportation Office. A minimum of 3 working days should be allowed for processing as the application is approved by more than one department and the Civil Aviation Authority officially requires 7 - 10 days. Currently the Philippines Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) approves short notice permissions only for air ambulance flights and overflight applications. The permission is valid for 24 hours but can be extended to 72 hours provided at least 24 hours notice is given. Any changes should be advised to the authorities ASAP or the permission maybe cancelled. Air Operators Certificate, Aircraft documents, Airworthiness certificate and crew licenses are required for the permission. Be sure to cancel unneeded permissions, when permission is issued navigation fees are collected and are non-refundable. Review any permission revision as any revision of origin/destination, registration, route must be notified to PCAA.

AEOs in the Philippines,

There are few airports of entry AOEs in the Philippines, Manila airport RPLL is the most popular airport and operational 24 hours. Cebu RPVM is also AEO but operation is restricted. Always check for the available services of your aircraft.

Fuel Availability

Fuel is available at RPLL but for other airports a notice is required for refueling arrangement.

Use a Local Handling Agent

Due to language barriers and other operation challenges, always appoint a local handling agent for all landings in the Philippines. Your local agent will arrange for the fuel, handling, CIQ clearance, pay all the required fees and plan for your needed services and hotel reservations. Sonic Jet has started operating and providing complete flight support services at all airports in the Philippines. Do contact our local office :; Tel. +63 917 702 0929

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