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Ramadan Mubarak, the Story of Breakfast Cannon

We all hear about the Ramadan cannon but we do not know the story.

Ramadan cannon is a cannon used to announce the time of breakfast and inform the public about it, a tradition in many Muslim countries to launch an artillery sound at the moment of sunset to announce the breakfast during the month of Ramadan.

If we go back and look at the history, we find that Muslims in the month of Ramadan were eating and drinking from sunset until the time of sleep, call to prayer "adhaan" was used at that time.

Cairo was the first city to launch the Ramadan cannon in 865 AH, where the Mamluk Sultan wanted to test a new cannon. When the cannon was fired at the exact time of sunset, people believed that the Sultan deliberately fired the cannon to alert the fasting people that the time of the breakfast had come. Crowds of people went to the seat of the government to thank the Sultan for this good innovation he had invented. When the Sultan saw their pleasure, he decided to proceed with the firing of the cannon every day to give us breakfast. Then he added the gun of the suhoor and the constipation. Then it was started to be used in the other Islamic countries.

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