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Afghanistan Airspace Latest update

While the threat in Afghanistan isn’t new, things are changing. The primary risk being indirect fire targeting airports and surface-to-air fire targeting aircraft operating at low altitudes. As airports in Afghanistan have been targeted frequently by direct and indirect fire in the past.

July 2021: The FAA issued an emergency order banning US operators below FL260 in Afghanistan’s airspace (the OAKX/Kabul FIR). Flights to and from OAKB/Kabul airport are still permitted. This replaces their previous warning, which just advised caution below FL330. (KICZ Notam A0020/21)

The three exceptions to this are

  • Flights in and out of OAKB/Kabul are allowed to continue.

  • If a flight has special approval from either the FAA or the state.

  • If you have an emergency and have to land.

Canada issued the NOTAM 28-July-2021 in which they advised air operators and owners of aircraft registered in Canada not to fly below FL260 in Kabul. Valid until 28 Oct 2021 (Notam CZQX H2286/21)

France requires all operators to remain at or above FL260 (AIC 02/21) throughout the Kabul FIR. While both German and UK operators are advised to consider the risks of operating below FL330 and FL250. (AIC 10/21)(UK AIP ENR 1.1 1.4.5)

The situation is volatile, and no one really knows where the conflict is headed. FAA appears to have decided that a simple caution is no longer enough.

Sonic Jet continues to provide complete flight support services and refueling arrangements at most Afghanstan airports. for more information please do contact

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