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Air Navigation Fees In The Middle East - Part 1

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

In the following section, you can find the applicable ATC and Air Navigation fees applicable for flights through the Middle Eastern Countries. The ICAO Doc 7100, The Tariffs for Airports and Air Navigation Services, lists airport and air navigation services charges (including landing and overflight fees), for each of its member countries. You may check with Sonic Jet dispatch team for most updated information.


Effective August 1st 2017, the new charge for overflying the Kabul FIR is a flat fee of $700 USD. Previously, the charge was $400 USD. The Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority (ACAA) has determined the increase was necessary to support the additional costs now that it manages its own ATC. The fee applies to all civil flight operations using the FIR to transit enroute, regardless of aircraft MTOW or flown distance.

International aircraft landing or departing from any Afghan civil airport is charged $150 USD (flat fee regardless aircraft size or MTOW), So there is a total of $300 (for arrival and departure) as ATC fee added to the airport fees invoice.


Bahrain air navigation fees are based on the aircraft MTOW in KG.

Weight Charges

Up to 40,000 Kg BD 24.000

40,001 Kg - 80,000 Kg BD 35.000

80,001 Kg - 120,000 Kg BD 47.000

120,001 Kg - 200,000 Kg BD 59.000

200,001 Kg - 300,000 Kg BD 71.000

300,001 Kg or more BD 79.000

More information including landing fees can be found under Bahrain eAIP with this link


Iraq air navigation fees based on the Aircraft MTOW according to the following charges list:

Air Navigation Charges (Overflying fees)

Aircraft transiting Baghdad FIR without landing will be charged overflight fees as listed below:

Fixed wing Aircraft (any type) 450 USD per flight (fixed Charges)

Helicopters 225 USD per flight (fixed Charges)

Approach control

External flights landing at Iraqi airports will be charged air navigation and approach fees as listed below:

Fixed wing Aircraft MTOW less than 80 Tons 60 USD

Fixed wing Aircraft MTOW Between 80 to 150 Tons 75 USD

Fixed wing Aircraft MTOW Between 150 to 290 Tons 90 USD

Fixed wing Aircraft MTOW Between over190 Tons 105 USD

Helicopters (based on MTOW) 50 % of the above Charges

Iraq navigation fees is billed and collected by the International Air Transport association (IATA) on behalf of Iraq.

More information and details can be found under Iraq AIP GEN 4.2 AIR NAVIGATION SERVICES CHARGES


Air navigation charges are based on aircraft weight MTOW and charged in USD. Further details can be found under GEN_4-1_Final-10.11.16 - Civil Aviation Authority of Israel


Jordan Air navigation fees are collectable by Jordan Civil Aviation, and it shall be invoiced via the local agent who obtained the permit for the flight, Jordan CAA issues the Navigation fees based on the following formulas:

Navigation Charges for Overflight for Commercial scheduled flights: 02 JOD per ton of the aircraft weight MTOW.

Navigation Charges for Overflight for unscheduled flights: 02 JOD per ton of aircraft weight MTOW + 10 JOD

More details and other charges can be found under Regulation 45 of Jordan AIP

In the next part we will present the air navigation fees of remaining countries in the Middle.

Should you have any inquiry for flight permissions or navigation fees worldwide, please feel free to contact our expert operations team :

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